We are a successful online school community providing a personalised online British education for Primary students aged from Years 3-6.

Our flexible curriculum offers small class sizes, individual tutorials, personalised timetables and engaging lessons delivered by specialists.

We teach 1:1 from Key Stage 1, with group lessons available for up to 6 students from Year 3. All lessons are taught online in 40-minute lessons, by teachers experienced in their subject and in online teaching.

Introduction: Why Wendover?


Interactive Learning

Primary aged children quickly become interactive learners on screen and paper under Wendover Online School's experienced guidelines.


Growth Mindset

We encourage our students to develop a growth, rather than fixed mindset - to try new things and ask questions with confidence.


Hands-on Learning

We inspire confidence and creativity with hands-on learning experiences in design and technology such as baking, building boats and animations.


Dedicated Support

Our weekly one-to-one 20 minute tutorials and group tutorials encourage students to share skills and interest with teachers and fellow students.


Wendover Online School is a great way of learning. I feel I learn much more than I did in my old school because there are no distractions and the teachers are great. The classes are relaxed and friendly and we get to chat while still working hard.”

Sammy, Student

A British Curriculum

At Wendover Online School we follow the statutory primary national curriculum and programmes of study for Key Stages 1 and 2 for schools in England, meaning that our pupils can join or leave us at any stage with transferable learning skills.

On top of core subjects, we offer a rich curriculum of wider subjects, supported by project and elective modules tailored to spark pupils interests.




Our Primary Classroom

We teach 1:1 from Key Stage 1, with group lessons available for up to 6 students from Year 3. All lessons are taught online in 40-minute lessons, by teachers experienced in their subject and in online learning.

Primary pupils are quick to grasp IT and study skills and enjoy sharing their learning with fellow students. Our wide variety of teaching methods include:


Themed Weeks

Whole-school collaborations on subjects like poetry, science and art offer students an opportunity to work on cross-curricular activities.


Electives & Projects

We encourage a growth mindset to try new things and inspire confidence and creativity with hands-on learning experiences such as baking, building boats and animations.



Whole school assemblies for primary and secondary pupils are an opportunity to share experiences, listen to guest speakers and celebrate success.



Ongoing formative assessments such as quizzes and questioning are supported by half termly testing or assessments against British curriculum objectives.


Project classes are a fantastic way for the children to learn from each other and an opportunity to present to each other”

Robina, Parent

Primary school prospectus

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Dedicated support for your child

Our ethos at Wendover Online School is to provide a flexible and individual education that allows your child to flourish both inside and outside the classroom. So, we encourage them to share their skills and interests with their teachers and fellow students, and leave plenty of time outside school to develop their interests.

We provide weekly one-to-one 20-minute tutorials with every child to support their learning, including chatting about their interests, monitoring their learning and any difficulties, encouraging self-reflection and helping with practical issues.

Our Primary pupils have many opportunities to find friendship and inspiration and share experiences and successes across age groups. These include weekly group tutorials with themed activities, and shared assemblies with Secondary pupils (a cross between ‘circle time’ and PSHE).


Communication with parents

As parents you will always have strong lines of communication with Wendover – we know that you will be keen to see how your child is doing, raise any questions and celebrate their successes.

  • Full half-termly report with personal feedback from each of your child’s teachers and assessment data
  • Regular email updates from your Head of Key Stage with information from all subject teachers on your child’s progress
  • WhatsApp Groups including Administration, Head of Key Stage and Management Team for quick issues or practical advice
  • Termly / annual meetings with parents

Explore the freedom of online learning

Please schedule an appointment. We are happy to answer your questions and arrange a taster lesson, and can set up a preliminary English test for children whose native language is not English.

We look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant and effective online school!

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