Secondary (ages 11-14)

As students move from primary to secondary, Key Stage 3 (Years 7,8, and 9) represents an important stage of education where students become more independent and extend their knowledge of subjects they may only have skimmed over in primary. Key Stage 3 is the precursor to the GCSE years where the foundations of subject knowledge are laid.

At Wendover we pay great attention to making sure students master the skills to be able to enter Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) with confidence. Maths, English, and Science are core subjects. At the same time our curriculum encompasses Geography, History, Modern Languages as well as opportunities to enhance the students’ knowledge of ICT and presentation skills through their project work, Art and ‘DT’ electives, PSHE also features throughout the key stage. Year 9 learners are also introduced to a range of subjects such as Business Studies, Computer Science and Psychology in preparation for making GCSE option choices.

Students are supported throughout Key Stage 3 by a 121 Tutor and by attending a Group Tutorial lesson where they focus on the experience of learning, pick up on strategies to develop their key skills and are guided to consider their future educational and career choices. Overall years 7, 8 and 9 set the firm ground work for focus on examination courses in the upper school.

Introduction: Why Wendover?


Interactive Learning

Students quickly become interactive learners on screen and paper under Wendover Online School's experienced guidelines.


Growth Mindset

We encourage our students to develop a growth, rather than fixed mindset - to try new things and ask questions with confidence.


Hands-on Learning

We inspire confidence and creativity with practical experiences as much as possible. Sciences and arts are taught along with extra curricular subjects.


Dedicated Support

Our weekly one-to-one 20 minute tutorials and group tutorials encourage students to share skills and interest with teachers and fellow students.

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Welcome to studying Lower Secondary with Wendover Online School

Key Stage 3 is a time for students to start stretching their wings. We encourage the development of key skills and strategies for successful learning. Independence is a gradual process and we guide and support students carefully at their own pace to thrive in their education and development.

Learning is more formalised by academic subject, allowing our young people to explore topics in more depth and, over time, with increasing challenge. There are opportunities for learners to explore their own passions through independent projects which are supported by teachers.

As students progress through Key Stage 3 they are prepared for the move to GCSEs. We believe it’s important that they have developed their study skills so that the transition to Key Stage 4 is a smooth one and that students have developed a confidence in their own skills.

Key Stage 3 is an exciting developmental journey, where the foundations for future successes are laid. We are privileged to be part of this progression.

Rachel Smith

Head of Lower Secondary


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We are so so lucky with our learning , we get to do so many fantastic things in the curriculum that we’d never do in another school. My sibling says they’ve chosen the wrong school and they are so jealous of what I learn !

Year 7, Student

School prospectus

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A British Curriculum

Please download our curriculum from the website to see how we ensure a personalised programme for each of our students.

The curriculum explains:

  • Subjects taught, skills development and lesson duration
  • Homework, self-study and assessments
  • Reports, communication and tutorials
  • Size of teaching group, independence in learning and induction

The education with Wendover Online School is truly focused on the needs of the individual child and with small classes has the flexibility to adjust to their needs. The rate at which our child accelerated with their learning in a way she enjoyed was significant

Michelle, Parent

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We look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant and effective online school!

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